A Typical dialogue in STRuctured-scenario ONline Games
Peggy Oh great!! Now what are we going to do?
Cassandra Sweet!!! Let's play cops and robbers!
Peggy We need to get help quick!
Cassandra Are you kidding me?!? This is freaking awesome!
Peggy Are you kidding ME?! This is freaking . . . FREAKY!
Cassandra No way, this is the ultimate opportunity to play the best, the most extreme, the greatest game of cops and robbers known to humankind.
Peggy OK, just one game, but after that we're getting help.
Cassandra Deal! I'm the robber, you try to find me!
Peggy OK, go! (a couple of minutes pass)
Peggy Uh Oh! I can't find you! This is scary! Where are - - (cut off because she fell). I tripped on a rock! Help me!
Cassandra HA HA HA, you tripped? I mean . . . are you okay?
Peggy Yes, I'm fine. I tripped on this rock.
Cassandra That's not a rock! It's a treasure chest from the old Captain Willy!
Peggy I don't think we should open it, there could be something dangerous in there. Let's get help first.
Cassandra Oh ya! I have my cell phone, we could just call my mom.
Peggy Why didn't you think of this before?
Cassandra Uh oh . . .
Peggy What?
Cassandra No signal, I hate my phone service never works
Peggy We're doomed! Well, I guess we could open the box to see what's in it . . .
Cassandra It's not a box! It's a treasure, but let's look inside. (open the box)
Peggy It's some wire and . . .
Cassandra Gold?
Peggy No a light bulb and . . .
Cassandra Gold?
Peggy No a battery! We can put this together to make a signal to get us out of this eerie place.
Cassandra We could scream for help so they could could hear us as well.